Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bass Lake With the Farrell Fam

We spent the past week with the Farrell clan. We stayed right outside of Yosemite at Bass Lake. It was a great week and we had a blast! It was so good to spend time with everybody.

Yosemite was a little crazy since we had two people on crutches, six little kids, and a bunch of adults without much of a game plan. Brighton claimed that her shoes were hurting her feet so we got to take turns carrying her. Then, when the little girls both fell asleep in the car, that's where we stayed. It was still a fun day and Yosemite was still beautiful from the car. :) Next time we will have to figure out a way to get some good hiking in.

Bass Lake was so much fun! Pat had his boat there so we got to spend lots of time on the lake everyday. Thanks Pat! Brighton loved riding on the boat and if we weren't on the boat, she was asking for a ride on it. We also loved being on the boat! It was a little choppy for wakeboarding this week so we mostly wakesurfed. It was our first time trying it and Don and I both ended up loving it! We both decided that we like it more than wakeboarding. I know, I know, a bold statement, but it really was so much fun!

Uncle Erik and Uncle Pat

Megh & Ellie

Little buddies

Catch me if you can!

Grandma & Nic

Bri wanted to wear her glasses and hat all week long, which I thought was great since I was all for as much sun protection as possible for my white, little lady.

Oh, and she was also in love with her pink life vest and even wore it indoors. Funny girl.

Ben, Jake, & Nate cruisin' on the lake

Meg, Pat, & Brighton

We played lots in the pool and Brighton is definitely a water baby! She has no fear and wants to take off swimming by herself. And none of the baby pool stuff for her, she is all about diving right into the big pool. She had a blast jumping to her daddy and splashing everyone around her.

A little ride on the surfboard with Uncle Erik

Ok, so here are a few video clips. It was the fist time I used the video feature on my camera and I didn't know that I had to hold it horizontally. So most of the videos I took are facing the wrong way. Grrr. I will only include one sideways clip here though since I know it's a little weird to watch things that aren't facing the right way.

This one is Bri playing around in the lake.

This is Pat Wakesurfing. And um, like I said, I filmed the wrong way, but here it is anyway. :)

Here is Bri singing her ABC's in the car. We got lots of singing entertainment on our long drive. Brighton was so great in the car! She watched her princess movies over and over and over...and over. We made the mistake of buying the Island Princess Barbie movie, and of course that's the one that Brighton loved the most on the trip. For all of you parents with princess obsessed little girls, do yourselves a favor and don't buy this movie!! It is quite possibly the most irritating movie ever made. Don and I were going a little bit crazy hearing it over and over again, but it was definitely better than having an unhappy toddler. :)

It was a great trip! Thanks for all of the fun Farrell family!