Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Halloween was great! Fun Halloween party, pumpkin carving with Lex, and trick-or-treating with cousins. Super Girl had a great time running around with Bo Peep and my little monkey enjoyed his m&m's while strolling around in the freezing Portland weather.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jack is 1!

Jackson is one! The year flew by, but at the same time, it's hard to imagine a time without this fantastic little man. He is the best boy and we love him to pieces. He is doing lots of big boy things like waving, giving slobber filled kisses, high fiving, wrestling, speed crawling, standing (for a few seconds), and charming all of the oldies at the grocery store. He has 7 teeth, says mama, dada, amen(sort of), and lots of other cute, jabbery words. He has the world's most infectious laugh, a little bit of blond, fuzzy hair, and hazel eyes. He has chunky thighs that I want to devour and the most ticklish neck around. Jack is still not the world's best sleeper, but when he cries in the middle of the night and wants to snuggle, we go running. Gasp. We totally spoil our baby. He really has the best disposition and such a fun personality. We LOVE him so much and are so glad he joined our family a year ago today. Happy Birthday Jackson Scott Farrell!

We had a little family party with presents, balloons, and cupcakes. Pretty low-key, but just right for our one-year-old Jack. He wasn't quite sure what to do with the cupcake at first, but had some yummy fun with it before the party was over.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mammoth 2011!

Our trip to Mammoth this year was great. Lex had to work (boo), but the rest of us were there and we had so much fun together.The kids played and played and so did the grownups. Here are some things we did...rode horses, played cards, went to movies, went shopping, saw "Grease" at Tuacan, went fishing, went on a treasure hunt, went hiking, played at a lake, played on the slip n' slide, crawled around (mostly just Jackson did that one, but he did a lot of it), took naps, talked, and reconnected.

Brighton and Miss Maeve all ready to ride...

Grandma, Brighton, & Caddy
Kodiak & I were paired up for a ride and I learned all about Pokemon and all kinds of other 8 year old boy things. It was awesome. Love this kid.
Q & J
The girls &...
The boys
Take that cuz!

Grandma's necklace...mmmmm.


Ohhhh. That looks fun to play with.

The Mammoth Creek treasure hunt! The kids had oh so much fun collecting their treasures!

Sometimes you just need a nap.
Navajo Lake hike

Rock, Paper, Scizzors!

Slip n' Slide!

And that's all. It was so great to spend the week with everyone. Missing them already. I heart my family. Sigh. We missed you Lexi Lou! Quit working so hard and come play with us next time!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Fun!

So here's what we've been up to this month...

The 4th was great this year...breakfast & bike parade at the church (no camera), pool party/BBQ with friends (no camera), and BBQ #2 and fireworks with Bren, Megh, Barb, Ellie, Cam, & Connor. Fun, fun, and that's right, some more fun.
The zoo with my two favorite little people.

Grandma & Grandpa visit! Oh the fun we have when they come to visit. We had a great time with them. Lots of playing with the kiddos, shopping, eating, card playing, talking, and just enjoying each others' company.

Happy Birthday to ME! Did Don try to put 32 candles on the cake you may be asking yourself. Why no, he did not. He tried to spell ASH with candles. Looks more like 32 randomly placed candles, but I love that he tried. xoxo

"Give me 5 cuz"...

"No? Fine, then I'll just pull your hair".

Slumber Party!

10 months old! Seriously, where did the time go?! Jack is the best baby and I really might say that even if I weren't lucky enough to be his mama. He is all smiles and giggles and is just a joy to be with. He is crawling...finally...well, kind of. He goes for a bit on all fours then plops down to his tummy and goes full speed commando style. Hey, whatever works. He has two adorable, sharp teeth that he loves to give us "love bites" with. He is a puller of hair! He gives me big, slobbery raspberries on my face and neck all the time and I love it. He is not the world's best sleeper, but hey, nobody's perfect and he's so stinkin' cute, I almost don't care.

Jack's first trip to the beach! We had a great time in Seaside last weekend. Jack ate sand, dipped his toes in the ocean, and even got his first sunburn (despite our best efforts to keep sunscreen and a hat on our alabaster little man). Bri had a blast splashing in the ocean with her cousins, building sandcastles, and eating sticky, saltwater taffy. It was 75 degrees, which is super warm for the Oregon coast and it was a glorious day!