Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brighton Lily is 3!

So almost every child's birthday blog I have read says, "I can't believe (insert child's name) is (insert child's age)!" But really, I can't believe Brighton is three! She is our beautiful, loving, witty, pink loving, sassy, polite, girlie, tender hearted, hilarious, sweetheart, light up your day little princess and we just love her to death!

So Brighton has been to a few little birthday parties and seriously months ago she started asking about her own party and talking about how all of her friends would be there. So even though we were originally just going to have a nice little family party, we caved under the pressure of those big blue eyes and that excited little voice she would get every time she talked about how fun her birthday party was going to be so....Brighton got her friend party.

The party was at Gymboree (the play gym, not the clothing store). It was perfect. There was an awesome instructor who did little games with the kids and they all had a blast playing. We ended up having about 15 kids and their parents show up and I was thankful we decided against doing the party at our house this year!

Bri was very specific about her cake. It had to be her two favoirte and princess.

She had plenty of helpers opening her presents!

Brighton got a lot of princess gifts for her birthday this year.
As you can see, she hardly liked them at all!
Happy Birthday Brighton Lily! We love you!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We had a great Easter weekend. We saw the Easter Bunny at the mall and Brighton was so excited! She ran right over to him, gave him a big hug, and crawled up on his lap. We had a fun neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and of course, the Easter Bunny stopped at our house last night and hid Bri's Easter basket. He brought a polka dot Easter dress and a purple stuffed dino. Since Bri loved finding eggs at the Easter egg hunt yesterday, the Easter Bunny also decided to re-hide all of the eggs. Easter egg hunt number two was a big hit and we had such a fun morning. We went to church and had a wonderful sacrament meeting on the Atonement. When we got home from church, we colored Easter eggs and put (of course) princess stickers all over them to make them pretty. Happy Easter everyone!


So we have been having some fabulous, glorious, sunshiney weather. We've been at the park or in the back yard all week soaking up the warmth. Ahhh. I am more than ready to say goodbye to gray rainy days. Welcome Sunshine!

So this is how we have been finding Bri lately at naptime or bedtime. As soon as we leave the room, she crawls up in her chair and reads books until she falls asleep. If it is bedtime, we move her to her bed, but if it is naptime, we just leave her, because who in the world would risk waking a napping toddler?!