Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Everybody else ate loads of candy for Easter, but Jack was perfectly happy with his oatmeal and really, doesn't it just look delicious?

We had a great Easter weekend. We had Don's parents and the Meg/Darin clan here this week. It was great to see everyone and the kids had lots of fun running around like crazy all week.

Saturday was Easter egg hunt day. It was fun and all the kids got plenty of candy. The kids also went to play laser tag and mini golf to celebrate Ben & Nate's birthdays. On Easter the kiddos got up early to search for their baskets & eggs. It was a fun morning. Bri gets so into it. Makes it fun for us. :) Barrett and Autumn came down from Washington to join us for Easter dinner. It was so great to see them and their cute kids. I had big plans to take some pictures with all the kids, but by the time I thought about it all of the babies were DONE and ready for sleep. Next time. All in all, a busy, crazy, but fun week and, as always, so good to spend time with family.

Nita bought these two matching outfits, which, they were all sorts of excited about.

Easter Egg Hunt!

And the basket is found in the back of the shoe closet. That Easter Bunny is a tricky hider.

Such a handsome little devil!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grandparent Fun!

Oh how we love it when grandparents visit! We had such a great time with them here. We celebrated Grandpa & Bri's birthdays, played games, most of which I won...(I'm the blog author so no one can contest that statement. Ha!) , and just enjoyed being with each other. We miss them already and hope they come back very, very soon (hint hint) xoxo.

One of the days Lex was here I came upstairs to find these two getting their workout on. Bri talked about how she loved working out for a few days after her ride on the elliptical. Oh the fun.

This girl loves her Grandma. Pretty sure she'd trade me for her. I can't feel too bad about that though. My mom is pretty great.

One of B's birthday presents was a hair stylist kit. Here is Grandpa getting one of many haircuts/styles. I know what you're thinking.... "She's a natural. His hair looks fantastic! When can she fit me into her schedule?!" Well, good news. I'm pretty sure Bri would be happy to pause her barbie play to fit in a quick hairdo session at any time so come one come all and Beautician Brighton will style you up!

This guy put on a cute show for Grandma and Grandpa in hopes that they will come back and visit soon. Let's hope it worked!

These two were good pals during the visit. I love that my dad is a baby person. It was so fun to see them together.

Bri sporting her new ensemble.

Oh who doesn't love baby giggles?

This boy is trying oh so hard to get some teeth in that cute, gummy little mouth of his.

Bri's 5th Birthday!

Brighton Lily turned 5 today! I'm pretty sure that there has never been another child in the history of the world who was more excited about turning five than Bri. She has been sooo excited! It was a great day. She had a party with her buddies at Pump it Up this afternoon. It was wild! It was chaotic! It was bouncy! It was fun! Bri also had a little family party with the Bren/Megh crew and Nina & Papa tonight. She had a super 5th Birthday.

Bri is the best kid. (I'm not biased). She is sweet and sassy and smart and funny and sensitive and silly and beautiful and loving and spiritual and kind and friendly and happy and energetic and analytical and fancy and sparkly and sensational. She loves swimming, dancing, going to school, being a big sister, playing with friends, playing with her daddy, making Jack laugh, being silly, singing more than talking, coloring pictures and giving them away, and playing outside on those rare dry Portland days. She brings so much joy into our home and we are constantly in awe of our amazing little Brighton. Happy Birthday Bri! We love you!