Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bri's 5th Birthday!

Brighton Lily turned 5 today! I'm pretty sure that there has never been another child in the history of the world who was more excited about turning five than Bri. She has been sooo excited! It was a great day. She had a party with her buddies at Pump it Up this afternoon. It was wild! It was chaotic! It was bouncy! It was fun! Bri also had a little family party with the Bren/Megh crew and Nina & Papa tonight. She had a super 5th Birthday.

Bri is the best kid. (I'm not biased). She is sweet and sassy and smart and funny and sensitive and silly and beautiful and loving and spiritual and kind and friendly and happy and energetic and analytical and fancy and sparkly and sensational. She loves swimming, dancing, going to school, being a big sister, playing with friends, playing with her daddy, making Jack laugh, being silly, singing more than talking, coloring pictures and giving them away, and playing outside on those rare dry Portland days. She brings so much joy into our home and we are constantly in awe of our amazing little Brighton. Happy Birthday Bri! We love you!

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