Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Week...

First of all, the big news in our family this week is that Quincy and Debbie had thier baby! Maeve Merrianne was born this morning and weighed in at 6 lbs 3 oz. Mom and baby are doing great. We are so happy for them and can't wait to meet little Maeve! The big worry was that she was going to come this next week during state. Such a good girl to come today instead. I know her parents were appreciative. :) Congratulations guys!

What we did this week...

We actually had some sunshiney weather this week so we made a couple of trips to the park. Bri was seriously in heaven. She loved being able to just run and run and run! Also, I think she went down the slide four thousand times. When we get nice days like this, it makes me feel really, really ready for summer! I'm so done with the cold, rainy thing!

QT Pie

This weekend we went to the Portland Children's Museum. Don and I were not totally impressed. We thought it was a bit on the dirty side and not that great for the money. If you asked Brighton though, she would have said that it was awesome! She had an absolute blast! Here are a few pics...

Doing a little grocery shopping

Bri's favorite part of the day was probably playing with the dolls (which she could have done at home). I guess it's always more fun to play with toys that aren't yours though.

Our little construction worker

Splish Splash Splish! Fun with water!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Potty Update

I realize that you non-parents out there are probably thinking, "too much info...don't really want to hear about your child's poop." Perhaps even some of you parents are thinking the same thing. I am going to write about it though because poop in the potty is big news at our house right now and I feel the need to document. :)

So after the incidents yesterday (see yesterday's blog entry), we decided to give the potty seat a whirl. This morning we asked Bri if she would like to sit on the big potty. Oh boy, this girl was excited! She stripped right down to nothing. She couldn't even have her socks on for this, I don't know why. She seriously sat on the potty for an hour. She was pumped. For awhile she wanted to sing songs and about a half hour in she asked for some books to read. I was cracking up that my 21 month old baby wanted to read on the toilet so I made Don bring the camera up. I'm sure this will be a picture she will be really thrilled that I took someday, but it was just too funny to pass up. Anyway, no luck for round one on the potty, but Bri sure did have fun. I finally talked her into getting off so we could go to the gym. The second we got back she was saying "poo poo potty Mommy" so she stripped down again and climbed back up on the potty. A couple of minutes later she pooped in the potty! She was so thrilled with herself and there was lots of cheering and clapping from Brighton and from me. So we'll see how this whole thing goes. Hopefully she stays excited about the whole potty thing and we can get her potty trained! I'm guessing it won't be as easy as I'm hoping, but so far so good. (Knock on wood).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More shoes, less diapers!

"What Mom, who doesn't have their diaper on? Not me. Just look at this face. Don't you believe me?" Oh our little stripper. Brighton has learned how to take off her pants and, more concerning, her diaper. So far today she has peed on our kitchen floor and on our living room carpet. Ugh! She strips down and takes off running. Don and I chase her around trying to get a diaper on her. When we get close she yells "hide, hide" trying desperately to find a spot to hide her bare little bottom so she doesn't have to put a diaper back on. I am seriously going to go buy her overalls or something that she can't take off tomorrow. So now we are motivated to actually get a little more serious about this potty training business. Any tips all of you experienced parents and professional potty trainers out there?
This child has such a shoe fetish. Honestly, she is a little obsessed. She loves to wear my shoes especially. It used to just be Nikes (see below) and Pumas, which wasn't too dangerous, but her new interest in my heels doesn't make for the safest walking. She is actually getting pretty good though. :)

Our happy little banana lover.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

ABC's, Tights, & Huddies

Bri is so fun. She is really into singing her ABC's right now, but it's more like singing the Alphabet Soup song when she sings it. ACPTEBT and so on. She's got the tune down, just not the order of the letters. Very cute. One of these days maybe I'll acutally get the video camera out and tape her!

Don and I actually went on a real date this weekend! It doesn't happen enough. It was so fun and, as we always do whe we go out, we vowed to do it more often. We decided to go out on the 9th (the aniversary of our first date) instead of fighting the crowds on Valentines Day. We went to the Melting Pot and had the most indulgent, yummy meal. It's so nice not to have to rush through a meal at a resturant picking up thrown french fries etc... Anyway, it was a great date with my hubby. xoxo

A few pics from the week...

All dressed up and ready to go. Brighton loves getting in pretty dresses and is especially excited about putting on the tights that go with the pretty dresses right now. She always asks for tights and actually applauds when she gets to wear them. So funny. She definitely doesn't get her thing for tights from me. I hate wearing them!

Oh the baby stroller. Perhaps the best $7.99 we ever spent. She does laps with baby around our downstairs several times a day. Man she loves that thing. And more than her love for the stroller, is her love for her baby! It is an ugly baby with the weirdest patch of hair on its head so we got her a cute Cabbage Patch for Christmas. Of course, she only wants to play with ugly baby. She hugs and kisses it, plays nap with it, takes it on rides in the stroller and in the shopping cart, feeds it Cheerios, etc.. Ugly baby is very loved. :)

Brighton is very much into picking out her own clothes. As mentioned above, tights are a favorite right now. She is also into hats and huddies (known to most of us as hoodies). Most of the time I can let her pick out one thing and hurry and put a matching article of clothing on her, but there are those days where she insists on picking out the whole outfit and...surprise!'s usually a total mismatch. :)

Looking cute and innocent as she turns around after pounding on Daddy's laptop.

Brighton saying cheese in her favorite dress. If this dress is clean, it is her number one draft pick hands down!