Monday, February 18, 2008

Potty Update

I realize that you non-parents out there are probably thinking, "too much info...don't really want to hear about your child's poop." Perhaps even some of you parents are thinking the same thing. I am going to write about it though because poop in the potty is big news at our house right now and I feel the need to document. :)

So after the incidents yesterday (see yesterday's blog entry), we decided to give the potty seat a whirl. This morning we asked Bri if she would like to sit on the big potty. Oh boy, this girl was excited! She stripped right down to nothing. She couldn't even have her socks on for this, I don't know why. She seriously sat on the potty for an hour. She was pumped. For awhile she wanted to sing songs and about a half hour in she asked for some books to read. I was cracking up that my 21 month old baby wanted to read on the toilet so I made Don bring the camera up. I'm sure this will be a picture she will be really thrilled that I took someday, but it was just too funny to pass up. Anyway, no luck for round one on the potty, but Bri sure did have fun. I finally talked her into getting off so we could go to the gym. The second we got back she was saying "poo poo potty Mommy" so she stripped down again and climbed back up on the potty. A couple of minutes later she pooped in the potty! She was so thrilled with herself and there was lots of cheering and clapping from Brighton and from me. So we'll see how this whole thing goes. Hopefully she stays excited about the whole potty thing and we can get her potty trained! I'm guessing it won't be as easy as I'm hoping, but so far so good. (Knock on wood).


The Fear Fam said...

Whoo hoo!!!!! That's great!

I'll be praying that it lasts. :)


britty said...

keep up the good work! we're in the same boat right now and the only advise i can give is expect setback and take them in stride.

Haskins said...

Wow, that is amazing!! If you can get that one down you are set and potty training well be a breeze. She seems so young,but that is so awesome that she wants to go. YOu are super lucky. I love the reading on the potty she must see don do it! He he
love ya

Lewis News said...

All I can say is that every child has their own timing. the difference from boys to girls is huge too. I won't be a bit surprised if she's potty trained and never has an accident again...that's what my friend Amy's daughter did at 18 months. I won't even entertain the thought of trying to potty train Cooper for a few more months!!!

Lewis News said...

PS- Nice Thomas you really have those and you don't have a BOY?!

Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

Hey Ash! It is so good to see your beautiful family. Little Brighton is gorgeous! She looks just like you. I am glad you are doing well.