Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Don!

Today Don turned 31! I am so lucky to be married to him. He is the best husband, father, and person. I'd list all the things I love about him on this blog, but I know he would really not be into that so I'll just say that there are A LOT and that Bri and I love him to pieces!

We have had a fun b-day weekend! We dropped Bri off at Catherin's for a sleepover yesterday afternoon, went to Palimino's for lunch (yum), and I surprised Don and we went to the Mariner's/A's game in Seattle. We had great seats and even though the A's lost, we had a great time. Safeco is such a great field! One of the highlights of the game was the crazy who sat behind us. He was by himslef, but was giving everyone that would listen the play by play and the history of baseball, including the history of the wave, which he claimed not to really know the orgins of, but still managed to talk about for like 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure he was just making stuff up. He was seriously cracking us up. I felt bad for the cute old couple sitting next to him. We stayed overnight in Seattle, slept in a little, had a great breakfast, and drove back to Portland. It was such a fun little getaway. When we got home, Don opened a few gifts and we ate ice cream cake from Coldstone. It was cake batter ice cream with brownies and oreo's mixed in and had chocolate icing with chocolate shavings and oreos on the top. Um, I felt the need to describe the cake in detail because it was pure deliciousness and of course, quite nutritious. Or, maybe the opposite of nutritious, but it sure was yummy!! Happy Birthday Don/Daddy. Mmwwaahh! We sure love you!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cali With the Lewis Clan

We took a trip to Southern California with my family last week and we had a great time! The whole gang was there except for Lex. Boo. We sure missed her! We packed a lot in our five days there and it was such a fun trip! I took about four million pictures and tried not to put too many on the blog, but did not totally succeed. Here we go....

Angel's Game
The gang getting ready to watch an Angel's game

Our seats were at the tippy top of the stadium, but we actually had a pretty cool view of everything.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Little Miss Maeve

Hot dogs and...

Cotton Candy! Very healthy eating.
The next day was our first Disneyland day. We all had a blast! Bri especially loved the roller coaster in Toon Town that she was only tall enough to go on because she had on her Cinderella high healed glass slippers. She didn't really care for the slow storybook rides you would think a two year old would like. She liked the ones that went fast and tickled her tummy. We've got a little thrill seeker on our hands.
Getting ready to go that magical place

I think Maeve really likes the jungle cruise!

Pretty girl

Bri loved the long as we could get one with pink on it. The one time we couldn't was tragic. Gotta love public toddler meltdowns. :)

The Dumbo ride was a total hit. Bri was cracking up the whole time! Luckily she got the pink one!

This is Bri waiting to meet the princesses. She has her princess shirt, glass slippers, princess purse, and princess figurines. For those of you who didn't know, our little Brighton is princess obsessed right now! Everything is princess...and I mean everything! If she is eating a hot dog, it is princess hot dog, if she is running on the grass, it is princess grass, etc. The line to meet the princesses was forever long. Luckily she had these little ones to keep her entertained.

Bri showing off her princess purse to Snow White

Brighton was a little shy when she actually got to meet the princesses. Maybe she was just a little starstruck.

Unlike her dad and her grandpa, Brighton loved the teacups! The faster, the better. She threw those little arms up in the air and laughed her little, blond head off. So cute.

Girls night out! The three of us went to see Wicked one night. It was amazing! We all absolutely loved it! If you haven't seen it, you should! It was so fun! The boys and my mom had fun at a Dodger's game one night too.

Sea World
We went to Sea World one day. It was great! We had such a fun day. I was a little lazy with my camera so we don't have many pics. Those shows were amazing though. It's incredible what they can train animals to do!

A great picture...I know

Newport Beach
The beach was great! Bri was a little weary of the water at first, so she spent lots of time playing in the sand. By the end of the day though, she was having a blast splashing around in the water.

Cute Cooper

So we had a great trip to Cali! We had so much fun with family and Southern California is such a great spot for kids. Thanks for all of the fun Lewis fam!


After our California trip, Brighton and I drove to Mammoth with my parents. We had a great time! It is so beautiful there and it was great to get some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa! Bri had a great time running around outside and making friends with the kitties. She loved all the space and loved playing with her grandparents! My mom spoiled us with yummy food the whole time we were there and even made me red chocolate cake. Yum, yum, and yum! I read two books while I was there and it felt so good to just relax for a few days and enjoy the company of my parents. I love being at Mammoth with them. I wish we could make it down there more often!

After a few days in Mammoth, we headed to Utah County. Bri and I went to a little water party at the Atkinson's house. It was so fun to see friends and their kids that I haven't seen for so long! The kids were all so cute and they had a great time. I love this group of friends! Such great women!

Summer, Sierra, & Tasha

Me, Erin, & Steph

It's hard to tell here, but Bri is cracking up. Every time someone would fall at the end of running down the slip and slide, she would bust up laughing. It was funny.

Later that day, was the Pope family reunion. It was so great to see everyone again and catch up a little! We went to a park in American Fork, ate some good food, played some games, and chatted. We all had a great time! This is the first year we have done a reunion and I'm so glad because I love seeing this side of the family. They are so fun and I never get to see them!
Deb, Maeve, April, Luke, & Angie

Luke! What a cutie!

Kodiak & Brighton--He was really cute about telling me he would keep an eye on her for me and was sure to report back to me right away if she was doing something he thought was dangerous for a two year old. Bri loved following Kodiak around. She would chase Kods and Coop all around and she loved it, even though she was always about a mile behind the boys.

Bri & Sienna. The blondie staredown! Can you believe they are almost the same age?!

Grandpa & Dale

Grandma & Lee

Angie & Skyler. So precious. Sigh.