Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We went to Seaside last Friday and had a great time!

Here is Bri with her sandcastles and Don on the phone behind her. I guess that's what we get when we take Dad to the beach on a work day. (We didn't let him do too much work). Notice in the picture that the water is quite a ways away from our stuff. Well, apparently not far enough. There we were just enjoying ourselves and playing in the sand when a big old wave came and got us. By the time we realized it was coming, all I could do is grab Brighton. We got drenched and all of our stuff was scattered down the beach. Brighton was seriously more upset than I have ever seen her. She was so mad that the wave got her princess towel all wet and dirty. Really, the nerve of that wave. She had this low mad cry I have never heard before and I couldn't help but just laugh. She was cracking me up. So while I was unsuccessfully trying to calm her down, Don was running around the beach trying to rescue shoes and cell phones. Miraculously, we recovered all of our shoes. We lost Brighton's one pair of shorts (which is fine because she wears a dress or skirt 99% of the time), a shovel, and my cell phone. I was a little sad about the cell phone for a minute, but then I got my new Palm Pre and am actually kind of glad that the wave got us because it's a pretty nifty phone. ;)

Luckily we had a change of clothes for Brighton in the car so we got her changed and calmed down, played on some rides, and ate salt water taffy for the rest of the day. Lots of fun.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Fun

The Fourth of July growing up was always so fun. We always had a huge party with both sides of the family and had fun activities all day. It was always one of my favorite holidays and I miss having lots of family around to celebrate with. Sigh. That being said, we still had a great day full of red, white, and blue fun. We started the day off with a little patriotic nail painting, went to the ward pancake breakfast, made a cake, did the whole bbq thing, and went with some friends to watch fireworks at the high school. Bri loved the fireworks, especially the pink ones (shocking, I know). It was a great 4th!

I have to say that I much prefer summer over winter. It is so nice to be able to get outside and play everyday! We went berry picking the other day and Brighton LOVED it. Eat one, put one in the bucket was her berry picking strategy. Quite effective. We went with her little friend Ryan and his mom, but we don't have any pictures of him because he was too busy running away from her and hiding down the rows of berries. I was glad Bri was more into the picking thing and less into the running away thing that day. It could have easily gone the other way. :)

So on Friday, I turned the big 3-0! Woo-hoo! One of our home teachers (he's 14) told me that everyone he knows hates turning 30. Well, so far so good. I actually quite enjoyed my 30th b-day. To start out my fabulous day, Don and Bri took me to breakfast then dropped me off at Nordstrom for a little birthday shopping spree. Appropriately, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started on my birthday so, although it was a zoo, I was able to snag some great items. From there it was off to the spa for an hour and a half massage. Ahhh. Then home for some Coldstone banana-brownie heaven cake and some gifts. Bri has been telling me about the teapot she was giving me for my birthday all week. (I still acted surprised). After that, we dropped Bri off at Catherin's house and splurged at El Gaucho for dinner. Honestly, they make best steak in the universe! So incredibly delicious. Yumm! We ended the night seeing the new Harry Potter movie and I have to say that my hubby did a great job planning a fun 3oth birthday for me. Thanks Hun! Muuuwaaahhh!