Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Hadoweee!

As Brighton would say, "Happy Hadoweeee!" Ok, this may be an obvious statement, but I'm going to say it anyway. Halloween is so much cooler with a kid! Bri has been so excited all week and it made it fun for everyone. She asked anyone she ran into what they were going to be for Hadoweee and told anyone who would listen all about her Cindereddi cown and glass slippers. :)We all had such a fun Halloween.

We started out the day going trick-or-treating at my school. My whole office made these little Halloween bags full of candy and little Halloween toys. Bri was in heaven. The star of the show. Just the way she likes it. Last night we went trick-or-treating with some of the neighborhood kiddos and Brighton loved it! She was a trooper hiking up the steep hills by our house in her glass slippers and 10 pounds of candy. (Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea to give the cute toddler loads of candy). Luckily, Bri wasn't too interested in eating it last night. She was just thrilled that she was getting it. Her pumkin bucket finally just got way too heavy for her and she had to have me carry it. That's when we decided we'd had enough trick-or-treating for one night.

Unfortunately our camera was having a freak out day yesterday so most of our pictures turned out fuzzy. Boo. We still got a couple of cute ones though and we did get a cute little video clip of our princess.