Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun With the Gunns!

Steph, Ben, Easton, and Phoenix came to visit last week. It was so fun to reconnect and spend some good quality time with them! We saw a Blazers game, went to the zoo, rocked out with Guitar Hero, and just hung out. It was so much fun! Come again soon Gunns! We loved having you guys here! We always seem to be spread pretty thin on our Utah visits and never get to spend as much time with people as we want to when we're there. So we love to have visitors come here! (Hint, Hint to all of you reading this).

Bri and Easton were cute little friends on this visit. At one point Bri wanted Easton to be Prince Charming and dance with her (she was of course Cinderella). He was a good sport and they held hands and danced around the living room for a bit. They of course stopped when I got the camera out, but as you can see above, they do make a very cute little couple.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

San Diego!

We spent a week in San Diego with Don's family after our trip to Utah. It was great to see everyone!

Um, Princess Brighton LOVED this gift!

Bri and Ellie were good little friends on this trip. Cute, cute.

We woke the girls up from their car nap so we could take a few pics at the beach. As you can see, they were super excited about it.

Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. We had such a blast! Brighton LOVED it and so did we!

Ok, so as soon as we got there, Bri started seeing little girls all over who were dressed up like princesses. She said "I wanna dress up too!" about a million times. It was really all she could focus on for our first hour at Disneyland. So we caved and bought her this darling Snow White dress, which she loved! We went to the little princess show and she was in heaven. She got to see all of the princesses and they taught the little girls how to curtsy and dance like princesses. Bri was doing low curtsies for the rest of the day and she loved trying to follow along with the princess dancing. Snow White blew Brighton a kiss and Bri said "Hi Snow White, I'm Snow White." So cute. I don't know if it was more fun for Brighton to be part of this little princess experience or for us to see her so excited.

The Dumbo ride was a hit again this time around. The whole time in line Bri talked about how she wanted the pink one. I knew a meltdown would be in our near future if we didn't get the pink one and as luck would have it we got it! Her little arms were up for the whole ride and that smile didn't leave her face until we were in line for the next ride. She loved all of the rides we went on. She laughed so hard on some of them. It was a blast!

Here we have Bri and Don on the way out of Disneyland...pooped after a fun-filled day.

A couple of clips of Disneyland fun!

Christmas in Utah

Christmas in Utah was great this year! We stayed with Quinc and Deb for a couple of days when we first got to Utah. It was great to see them! As usual, wish it could have been longer!

This is pretty typical, Coop with his ball and Bri with her magic wand.

Tinkerbell twins!

Grandpa hadn't played barbies in so long...he had forgotten how much he loved it. Luckily he got plenty of barbie time in with Bri around. Don't worry Papa, we'll be back soon for more barbie fun!

Christmas Eve PJ's

Christmas was so much fun. At first Brighton helped every person open every gift, but once she opened her Belle dress up toy, that was all over. She didn't even want to open any more of her own presents. It was so great to relax and spend some good quality time with family in Mammoth. We loved our time there and miss everybody already!

Santa's stylish little helper

Plenty of Christmas snow in Mammoth!

Meet Mr. Napkin Head. He came out to visit a time or two during our stay at Mammoth. Brighton thought he was hilarious (as you can see below) and she is hoping he comes to visit her in Portland soon.

We drove up to Bryce one day. It is so spectacular in the Winter. These pictures don't do it justice.

Bri and Grandma got lots of good story time in on this trip. I think they both quite enjoyed it. :)

Here is a little clip of Bri on Christmas morning