Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break n' Other Stuff

I haven't posted for quite awhile. Partly because we haven't been up to too much and partly because I have been pretty sick for the past few months. I am 14 weeks pregnant! We are due at the end of September and are so excited. It took lots of tests, drugs, and procedures to get here and we are so thankful that we are finally pregnant. I'm still in the lovely sick phase and am hoping to snap out of it any day now. I have been a lot more sick with this one than I was with Brighton and I'm afraid I haven't been a very fun mommy lately. The other day at breakfast Bri says, "Dad, you are so funny and fun." So I say, "What about me?" Bri thinks for a second then says, "Uh, no, you're not very funny or fun Mom." Sad. I hope to be your fun mommy again soon Bri.

We went to Utah last week for Spring Break. I thought I would be feeling good by this point, but no such luck so I spent most of my time taking naps, watching basketball, and reading books at my parents' house in Mammoth Creek. It was nice not to have to do the cooking or cleaning and it was great to spend time with family. We stayed with Quinc and Deb for one night and flew out the next day. It was fun to see them, but we wish we could have spent more time with them! Brighton loved playing with her cousins and the whole time at the airport just begged to go back to their house. We didn't see any friends while we were there. Next time for sure though! Better yet, we have a guest bedroom just waiting to be used. You are all invited to visit!

My parents still have lots of snow at their house so Brighton got to make snow angels, have snowball fights, and go sledding. She had a blast and was so excited to play in the snow! She also loved helping Grandma cook and had a good time playing with every barbie and stuffed animal in the house.