Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Don!

Today is Don's 32nd birthday. Happy Birthday Hun! Brighton was a great helper in preparing for his birthday. She helped me pick out and wrap all of his presents. She got him Hercules because "boys like that movie." She then hid all of the presents in the closet of her playroom so Daddy wouldn't open them before his "birffday." She even wrapped her necklaces around the door knobs of the closet to serve as locks. She went with me to the party store to get balloons and was adamant that we get all of the Spiderman decorations because she thought that Daddy would LOVE them. How could I say no? So Don got a Spiderman themed birthday. Just what every 32 year old man wants...whether they are willing to admit it or not.

So Don and I went out last night to celebrate and we celebrated today with french toast for breakfast, presents, Don's birthday dinner of choice--Hamburgers, and of course, Cold Stone birthday cake. Yummm. It was a pretty low key day, but we had fun. Brighton gets so excited about birthdays and it makes it more fun for everybody else.

We love you Dad! You are our favorite guy in the whole world! Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mammoth Creek

We had a great time in Mammoth last week! Here are some of the highlights...

Hiking in Bryce Canyon, horseback riding, playing on the slip n' slide, curling up with Jane Austen on the deck and listening to the stream and the humming birds, girls day of shopping, boys day fishing in the Boulders, kite flying, playing cards when the kids were asleep, resting, playing, talking, laughing, reconnecting.

It was so fun to be with my family last week. We had everyone there except for Lex. One of these years our schedules will ALL align. We missed you Lexi Lou!

The kids got along so well and would run off and entertain themselves for hours at a time. It was so great! We all got some good quality time with each other and I miss everybody already! Thanks for the fun week Lewis fam!

This was so classic. Brighton and Don went out to the shop, turned barbie room, to play. We heard Brighton singing at the top of her little lungs and peeked in to find this.

We had a great time horseback riding and the kids loved it. You'll notice there are no pictures of my hubby in this segment. He was bucked off a horse named Satan, that's right, Satan, when he was younger and would go nowhere near these harmless, tame animals. :)

Grandpa and Coop playin' a little one on one with Brighton dancing on the sidelines.