Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow in Portland!

This doesn't happen everday here and there were some excited little people at our house today. Hooray for snow!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009!

We usually travel to both Utah and California during the Christmas season, but couldn't fly this year because of Don's ear so we stayed in Oregon. Bren, Megh, Ellie, and Cam were here too and we had a great Christmas together. On Christmas Eve, we cooked a yummy prime rib dinner, made sugar cookies for Santa, read the Christmas story, and sang Christmas songs. It was just right.

Bri often uses the fireplace as her stage and here she is leading the group in some singing.

Christmas morning was great. The girls were super excited...so were the grown-ups.

Bri asked Santa for a RAINBOW CAT this year! Ugh. What? We...er...I mean Santa looked everywhere for a rainbow cat that Brighton said she had never seen before, but that she knew Santa would make for her. Finally, Santa located one in Hong Kong which barely made it here in time. Whew. Brighton was thrilled with her stripey rainbow cat and we were just glad it met her expectations of what a rainbow cat should be and that it arrived before Christmas!

Look out American Idol...here comes Brighton Lily.

It was all giggles and smiles outside on the new princess scooter. Oh the fun!

Bouncy Jingle Bell Singers...

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few more pics from Thanksgiving...

Christmas...Take One

My mom and sister came out for a week since we are staying in Oregon for Christmas this year. It was great to have them here. It was pretty low key. We did get some good shopping and a couple of good resturants in, but mostly just hung out at the house and spent some good quality time together. I loved it.

Grandma bought Bri this purple tree with pink ornaments for her room. Brighton loves it and apparently, so do her stuffed animals.

Brighton went to Grace's Sugar Plum Fairy party. It was adorable. The little girls got fairy wings, decorated magic wands and trees, played fairy games, and even ate fairy food. Seriously so cute and Bri was in heaven.

Grandma knew Bri was headed to a sparkly fairy party so she let her open a present before the party...sparkly pink shoes that went quite well with the rest of her fairy ensemble. Bri loves them. Shocking, I know.

So we celebrated Christmas with my mom and Lex since we won't see them on the actual day. (Mom will be at her house & Lex will be in below freezing temps in Alaska...yikes...um, I mean how fun). We all had a great time together. Yummy waffle breakfast and fun presents for all. Bri was a good little helper and made sure everyone had plenty of assistance opening their gifts. A good first Christmas of the season, or Grandma Christmas, as we called it.

Bri LOVES her grandma and was the saddest little person you've ever seen when it was time for Grandma to go home. Sigh. We miss you already Grandma! Come back and visit soon. Better yet, move to Oregon so we can see you all the time!