Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009!

We usually travel to both Utah and California during the Christmas season, but couldn't fly this year because of Don's ear so we stayed in Oregon. Bren, Megh, Ellie, and Cam were here too and we had a great Christmas together. On Christmas Eve, we cooked a yummy prime rib dinner, made sugar cookies for Santa, read the Christmas story, and sang Christmas songs. It was just right.

Bri often uses the fireplace as her stage and here she is leading the group in some singing.

Christmas morning was great. The girls were super were the grown-ups.

Bri asked Santa for a RAINBOW CAT this year! Ugh. What? mean Santa looked everywhere for a rainbow cat that Brighton said she had never seen before, but that she knew Santa would make for her. Finally, Santa located one in Hong Kong which barely made it here in time. Whew. Brighton was thrilled with her stripey rainbow cat and we were just glad it met her expectations of what a rainbow cat should be and that it arrived before Christmas!

Look out American comes Brighton Lily.

It was all giggles and smiles outside on the new princess scooter. Oh the fun!

Bouncy Jingle Bell Singers...

Merry Christmas!


The Fear Fam said...

Love the pictures of Brighton on her new scooter. Too fun! Merry Christmas to you all!

Maren said...

Yay for Christmas! Santa brought that same scooter to our house! Except he must not care about safety of the kid over here because he didn't even think about getting a helmet. Sad. Bad Santa.