Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bri's Birthday & More

We went to Utah for Brighton's birthday. Well, actually, we went for Maeve's blessing, but were there for Brighton's birthday, which was a great bonus! My whole family was there, which is rare these days, so we had to get some family photos done since we were all together. We loved spending time with everyone & miss you all already!

The Farrell Fam


The Lewis Clan

Grandma wasn't at all excited to see miss Brighton. Ha!

Brighton loves this picture of Grandpa. Everytime she sees it she says "Papa's so funny" and laughs. I also have to chuckle a little everytime I see it. Timmy is lookin pretty tough in his pink Abby Cadabby birthday hat. :)

Brighton was reunited with her boyfriend Easton while we were in Utah. Don't they make a cute little pair?

Me and Steph. It was so fun to see the Gunns. We love you guys! Come visit us!

We were so happy to finally meet Maeve. She is so precious. It was funny to hear everyone talking about how big she was getting because she looked pretty little tiny to us. So cute. We love you Maeve. And it was so good to spend some good time with Lex. I loved staying up late and talking to her every night. Some quality sister time was needed. Love ya sista!

It's a little hard to see in the picture, but Maeve has the greatest hair ever. It sticks pretty much straight up and has a mind of its own. Definitely gets her hair from her dad. Love it.

So Brighton is 2 years old!!! I can't believe it. Everyone always says how fast time goes, but seriously, it does! She had a great birthday and we are so glad we got to spend it with family! It was pretty low key, but just right for her. She got to open presents, eat pizza and cake, and play with her grandparents and cousins all day.

Kodiak was such a good present opening helper. And oh how Bri loved opening all of her presents! She almost didn't even care what was in them. She just wanted to open more. Her birthday was a week ago and she is still telling me that she wants "more presents Mom."

Getting ready for pizza and cake. Oh boy.

Notice the pinky. She is so careful trying not to get dirty. When I showed her this picture she said "dirty face Mom, need a towel!" Funny girl. Pizza is her favorite thing. She has been known to down three pieces before so we had to get her some on her b-day! One of her other favorite things is Abby Cadabby, which was the theme of her little party. For those of you who don't know Abby Cadabby, she is Elmo's fairy friend on Sesame Street. Bri is a big fan.

Bri got her candles all blown out with a little help from Kodiak. :)

Happy Birthday Brighton! We love you! You bring so much laughter and joy into our lives and we are thankful for you every single day! Mwwaahh (big kiss from Mom & Dad)! xoxo.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Britghton has been tagged!

Brighton was tagged! Here are 10 facts about our little lady...

1. Brighton loves all things pretty. Pretty dresses, pretty shoes, pretty flowers, pretty everything, pretty, pretty, pretty!

2. Brighton is always headed for a little bit of mischief. Check out the mischievous glint in those eyes!

3. Brighton is a sweetheart. She knows just how to melt Mom and Dad's hearts.

4. Brighton is a total little nurturer. She takes such good care of her babies. They get walks in the stroller, original songs before their daily naps, kisses when they fall and bonk their heads, etc... We love to watch her play with her babies. It's adorable and is great entertainment.

5. Brighton is fun, fun, fun. She is such a little ham and loves to make everybody laugh. She loves to tease and has the sassiest little (actually big) personality. She is happy and funny and brings sunshine into our lives everyday.

6. Brighton has a thing for salsa. She loves the stuff. Loves to eat it and loves to sing about it. That's right, sing about it. She makes up these fantastic songs, which for some reason, usually include salsa. My favorites are the songs that are primarily about salsa with an occasional staccato sounding "chip" thrown in to mix things up.

7. Brighton loves to eat! She asks for snacks non-stop. Any of you that have talked to me on the phone have probably heard a little voice saying "I wanna snack" in the background. She can seriously put it away! We have no idea where she puts so much food into her little body. She must burn it off running around all day long.

8. Brighton loves, loves, loves to play outside! Her favorite place is the park and she claps and cheers when she gets to go. We are so glad we're moving into spring, summer, and sunshine so we can play outside everyday!

9. Brighton is such a good little helper. "I wanna help" is heard around our house several times a day. She helps make dinner every night, helps put away laundry, helps load the dishwasher (sort of), etc... :)

10. And last, but not least, Brighton LOVES her Daddy. Her favorite time of Day is when Daddy gets home. She gets so, so excited. She runs over to him, gives him a big hug and kiss, and starts running away from him so he will chase her (another one of her favorite things). They are such a cute pair. I love watching them together. xoxo
Ok, Brighton is tagging everyone's kids who haven't already been hit with this tag. ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bye Bye Crib...Hello Big Girl Bed!

So Brighton started climbing out of her crib about a week and a half ago. Boooo! We turned her crib around so the short end of the crib was facing the wall. Still managed to climb on out. Boooo again! So we converted the crib into a big girl bed. One may look at the above picture and think, "Wow, Brighton must love to sleep in her big girl bed!" This is not so. This photo is deceiving because it was not taken at nap time or at bed time, when feelings about the big girl bed are much different. She loves to play on her big girl bed during the day. She has her baby take naps on it, she pretends to take naps on it, she wrestles with her elephant on it, etc... But as soon as it is time for actual sleeping on the big girl bed, it is meltdown central USA! Bri has never been much of a tantrum thrower, but as it turns out, she can hold her own in the world of tantruming. Feet stomping furiously, screaming loud enough so that neighbors down the street can probably hear her, shaking the new gate at the door with all of her might. Oh it's been a joy making the switch. There have been a couple of times where she has tried the bed out, but we usually find her asleep and draped over her big stuffed elephant on the floor. And whether or not she is on the elephant or the bed, she is waking up at least three times a night...sometimes more like five or six. She has been an amazing sleeper since she was about 8 weeks old so we have been spoiled...until now that is. We so miss our precious sleep and really, really, really hope that Bri decides this big girl bed thing isn't so bad...and soon! The tantruming does seem to be decreasing in length and we are hoping that the super tantrums continue to dwindle. Anybody else have a tough transition from a crib to a big kid bed?