Sunday, February 17, 2008

More shoes, less diapers!

"What Mom, who doesn't have their diaper on? Not me. Just look at this face. Don't you believe me?" Oh our little stripper. Brighton has learned how to take off her pants and, more concerning, her diaper. So far today she has peed on our kitchen floor and on our living room carpet. Ugh! She strips down and takes off running. Don and I chase her around trying to get a diaper on her. When we get close she yells "hide, hide" trying desperately to find a spot to hide her bare little bottom so she doesn't have to put a diaper back on. I am seriously going to go buy her overalls or something that she can't take off tomorrow. So now we are motivated to actually get a little more serious about this potty training business. Any tips all of you experienced parents and professional potty trainers out there?
This child has such a shoe fetish. Honestly, she is a little obsessed. She loves to wear my shoes especially. It used to just be Nikes (see below) and Pumas, which wasn't too dangerous, but her new interest in my heels doesn't make for the safest walking. She is actually getting pretty good though. :)

Our happy little banana lover.


The Fear Fam said...

Girls and shoes... it's just in the genes!! Very cute.

As far as potty training goes, we had a horrible time potty training Natalie because we didn't have a plan. It took months... almost a year. With Bea we (well, I) read a book called Potty Training in One Day. It's a totally 70's book with the most hilarious illustrations, but I found it helpful. Now, she wasn't completely potty trained in 1 day (I don't know what the author was smoking) but it did make it a lot easier. By the end of week 1 she was doing really great, although going #2 has been a struggle off and on. Sorry if that's too much info. :) You know with parents it always comes back to poop. :)

Sorry for the novel! Email me if you have questions.


megh said...

What's with these Farrell girls and their shoes and bananas? Ellie's favorite two words for the past bit have been "shoe" and "na-nana" (banana). Those are the first two things she asks for when she gets up in the morning.

Good luck with the potty training. I wish I had some advice to give you, but I am afraid it will be us asking you for advice in a few months.