Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mammoth 2011!

Our trip to Mammoth this year was great. Lex had to work (boo), but the rest of us were there and we had so much fun together.The kids played and played and so did the grownups. Here are some things we did...rode horses, played cards, went to movies, went shopping, saw "Grease" at Tuacan, went fishing, went on a treasure hunt, went hiking, played at a lake, played on the slip n' slide, crawled around (mostly just Jackson did that one, but he did a lot of it), took naps, talked, and reconnected.

Brighton and Miss Maeve all ready to ride...

Grandma, Brighton, & Caddy
Kodiak & I were paired up for a ride and I learned all about Pokemon and all kinds of other 8 year old boy things. It was awesome. Love this kid.
Q & J
The girls &...
The boys
Take that cuz!

Grandma's necklace...mmmmm.


Ohhhh. That looks fun to play with.

The Mammoth Creek treasure hunt! The kids had oh so much fun collecting their treasures!

Sometimes you just need a nap.
Navajo Lake hike

Rock, Paper, Scizzors!

Slip n' Slide!

And that's all. It was so great to spend the week with everyone. Missing them already. I heart my family. Sigh. We missed you Lexi Lou! Quit working so hard and come play with us next time!


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