Monday, March 3, 2008

The Yellow Dress

So we were at Babies R' Us today and I decided to get Brighton a new dress. I picked out this cute blue one and put it in the cart. Bri has been on a yellow kick lately and she spotted a bright yellow dress and said, "pitty lellow Mommy, peeeease" with such conviction that I pulled it off the rack for her to see. I let her hold it thinking that she would put it down and forget about it in a minute. Oh no. The whole time we were there she was talking about her pitty lellow dess. She was so excited about it that I caved and bought it. (I also bought the blue one that I liked). As soon as we got home she was stripping off her clothes so she could put on her new dress. She was pumped for the rest of the day. She kept showing me her new dress and saying "pitty lellow Mommy." And, as it turns out the dress was pretty darn cute on her. :)

Let's see, what else... My brother Quincy coaches the Lone Peak basketball team and they won the Utah state championship this weekend. Go Knights! That's three in the last five years for Q! Not bad! We were so bummed that we couldn't be there for the games. On Friday I locked myself in my office refreshing the play by play on the internet every five seconds and texting Lex back and forth. They won in double overtime and I was seriously glued to my computer for the whole game. Very productive work day for me. :) And poor Deb didn't get to go to any of the games this week. What a trooper. Home sick, with sick kiddos and a new baby. I wish I could have been there to help!

Don is at a leadership training in Florida right now. Boo. I hate when he's gone.

Oh, and one more thing. All of you people out there who are more computer literate than myself (probably most of you), this is for you! I have been trying to change my blog background to something else, but everytime I do it totally messes up my formatting and I can't figure out how to fix it. Please help, this is driving me nuts!


Haskins said...

That is so cue about Brighton. I think the yellow dress is pretty cute too. I do the same thing I always let maddi hold whatever it is that she wants hoping she will just foprget about it but it never seems to work out that way. Yeah for Quincey, that is so awesome! And I am sorry that your home again by your self, I hate that too. Do you want to go to dinner and get some babysitters?

Maren said...

It is a pitty lellow dress! She is sunshine. I'll bet you want to squeeze her all day long.

McAllister Fam said...

Brighton is so adorable! Mylee has been on a "lellow" kick lately too? What is it with these girls?
It is so good to keep in touch with you Ashley. Take care
jen and matt

The Fear Fam said...

Very cute dress! It does seem to fit her personality.

I always have trouble changing my background, too. The only none "blogger" backgrounds that I can use are from The Cutest Blog on the Block. There is a link to the site on my blog, down on the right. She gives pretty easy instructions.


Herlean Family said...

Ash, what is the deal? Not one picture of you or Don on your whole blog?? I want to see you guys too. Brighton is cute but your hot and I want to see some hot Ash. Love ya, kris