Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Busy, Fun Week

So here we have some of my wonderful Portland friends. We were cracking up when Julie's neighbor was taking this picture. He said S*** every other word and I'm not exagerating. It was pretty hilarious to us at the time. I was wondering if he could get through a sentence without his favorite word. I'm going to go with no. Anyway, Julie hosted a fun little get together and we all had such a blast. We talked until 1:30 in the morning, which I haven't done in so long! We had such great conversations and it was so rejuvinating. I am a person who needs to have close girl friends and I have been so blessed my whole life to always find amazing women who inspire me and push me in different ways. Most of you who read this blog are included in this category so MWWAHH! I love you all!
We have been having some gorgeous weather so we have been spending as much time as possible outside since those gray, rainy days we love so much are right around the corner. Ugh. Notice that my child is wearing pants here. Yes, it actually happened. She has worn pants for almost a week straight without much fuss at all. I honestly didn't think it was going to happen without a massive meltdown every morning, but Bri is adapting nicely to life without summer dresses and bare feet.

Our friends Jeremy and Liz came to visit from San Francisco this weekend. It was great to see them! We hung out at the Farmer's Market in Portland on Saturday. Lots of good stuff there, but the highlight was definitely Brighton's balloon red heart flower with pink leaves and a purple hummingbird. (The balloon man was pretty creative). When the guy making the balloon gave it to Bri, she looked like he had just given her a million bucks. She was so proud of her balloon flower and had to take it everywhere we went for the rest of the day. She showed it to everyone, and of course gave everyone a turn smelling the flower because latex has such a fantastic scent! Here she is smelling her flower one of the hundred times she smelled it that day.

We also went to Cacao and got some drinking chocolate and it was heavenly! Mmmm. If you live in Portland, do yourself a favor and go get some!

We had two Halloween parties this week. The first was at our neighbors house. Costumes were required, which I thought was great, but Don was less than thrilled about. :) It was fun. There were lots of crafts for the kids and it was fun to catch up with all the neighbors. Bri spent most of her time upstairs playing with their little girls' barbie house. She thought it was a great party.

Party number two was with our ward. It was pretty chaotic, but fun. There was a chili cookoff, a costume parade, Halloween bag decorating, and of course, a little trick-or-treating. Bri thought it was pretty great to go from room to room getting candy. She seems to have forgotten that she got a bag full of candy last night and I'm not planning on reminding her. I'm sure she'll get plenty more on Friday.
Brighton loves dressing up! We debated about whether or not she should be Cinderella for Halloween because she dresses like Cinderella a couple of times a week anyway. I'm glad we ended up going with Cinerella though because she was in heaven showing off her beautiful gown, glass slippers, and sparkly crown to everyone. Plus, the girl makes a pretty adorable Cinderella!


The Johnson Family said...

Wow Ash- Brighton is such a cute little girl! I know the Cinderella struggle, everyday is Halloween for someone at our house. Looks like a fun week!

Haskins said...

Yeah a new post!! So the other day I was talking to some one who was going to dress up as a hippie and I said "you know who I can imagine dressing up as a hippie is Ashley" and look a picture of you dress up as a hippie. When I saw that picture I started to laugh and still am laughing. Oh my sweet friend that I love so much!! I am so glad that I have you!! Cute pictures of Bri I love her butterfly pants so cute Maddi has a shirt exactly like that!!

Cheryl said...

Yes, yes. You are definitely right. Brighton makes an "adorable" Cinderella, and Grandma should know. Alexis has me all set up again with email and computer, so I should be able to access this on a more regular basis. Love ya -- Mom

Maren said...

Hooray for getting to use the Cinderella costume multiple times. She does make a pretty good Cinderella.