Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break!!

So for my spring break, my wonderful mother came out to stay with Brighton while Don and I went to Arizona to get some sunshine. (Thanks again Mom)! Brighton was in heaven with Grandma and it was nice not to have to worry about her and to get some good quality time with my hubby. We stayed at a great resort in Scottsdale and had such a great time. We went to a couple of spring training games (go A's!), played some tennis, went to Sedona for a day, ate way too much good food, got to see Britt, Jason and their cute kiddos, and just enjoyed the nice warm weather. Ahhh, glorious sunshine! I can't wait until we get some of that here! When we got home, we had a couple of extra days with my Mom. It was so fun having her here. She's the best! Come back soon! :)


Maren said...

I was thinking, "What a great picture of you and your hubby," ....then I saw Dillman. Is there a way to photoshop him out? :)
Who gets a tattoo that reads "Dillman" all the way across their back? Even if it IS a last name, it's not one I'd want to shout out to the world. Honestly. The skull with a snake coming out its mouth would have been a much better option.

The Farrell Family said...

I'm with ya Maren. When old Dillman ripped off his shirt mid-game, we got a pretty good chuckle. Come on, Dillman? Really?

Lewis News said...

Oh Ash, that does look fun. Maybe we will have to try to schedule that for next year. We would love it!