Sunday, September 13, 2009

Camping in the Rain

Over Labor Day weekend, we met up with Bren, Megh, Ellie, and Cameron in Crescent City for a little camping trip. It was a little crazy with all of the rain, but we still had a great time together! Growing up we always camped far away from civilization with no running water in sight. This camping trip, however, was just outside of town at a KOA campground. Not quite the quiet serenity you get when you are secluded in the mountains somewhere, but with little kids, camping with a "K" wasn't so bad. It was nice to have a playground within sight of our campsite and potties near by. :)

Brighton loves her cousin Ellie and they had a blast playing princesses and fairies. All of our clothing changed colors, got polka dotted, and striped quite a few times by the fairies and their stick magic wands. Gotta love three year old imaginations. Brighton loves to change Don's clothes into PINK. She thinks it is so hilarious. Sometimes she even makes his clothes sparkley...even more hilarious. Gotta love her three year old sense of humor.

One day when it was pouring rain on us, we got in the car and drove to Brookings, where it was 75 degrees and sunny so we did get to play on a sunny beach after all!


April said...

Looks like you made some good memories:) I think camping in all sorts of weather fun:) Just as long as it's not to cold:) Love the pics!

Haskins said...

What troopers!! I dont know if I would want to still go camping in the rain!!! But it looks like you guys had so much fun!! I didnt know that Bri had glasses! She looks so cute in them! i love it!