Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun Basketball Weekend

This weekend Quincy brought his team here for a tournament. Deb and Maeve came too and we loved having them stay at our house! Maeve is such a sweet little thing. It was fun to get to watch Q's team play. They have some great players and when you combine that with Q's super duper coaching skills, they are tough to beat. Lone Peak killed everyone they played. Bri was a trooper through all of the games so we actually got to watch a lot and only chased her around a little. Last night we all went out for a nice dinner at Jake's. Yumm. It's not often we get to double with Quinc and Deb and it was great to spend some time with them.

We loved having you guys here! Come visit again soon!

Oh, and one other little tid bit (see pictures above). We all went to the mall and were in the shoe section at Nordstrom. Bri found some grown up pink shoes that she fell in love with. She took her shoes off and put the new, pink, pretty shoes on. She was in heaven and was so excited about those shoes...that is until we told her that the shoes had to stay at the store and she had to take them off. There's just nothing like a 2 year old tantrum in the middle of Nordstrom...and it was a good one! At least we know she has good taste. Love for Nordstrom's shoes must be genetic. :)


Haskins said...

THat is so fun!! I want to come to Portland! Hope you had a happy mother's day! You are such an amazing mom.
Love you

Lewis News said...

oh the pics to match the story are great...I'll email you them so you can post them on the blog!