Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bye Bye Blissful Binki Nights

This week we decided to finally bite the bullet and say goodbye to the binki. Sad, sad, sad. We cut little holes in the top of all of Bri's binks and when she went to suck on one only to find that it was broken, she was like "OH NO!" in the most dramatic, sad fashion you can imagine. It was half funny and half very sad. "OH NO" over and over again. It was like the worst thing to ever happen in this world had just happened...a broken bink. You can imagine the devastation. Brighton actually did pretty well going to sleep that first night. Perhaps she was in shock. Since then it has been super tough though. She just cries and whimpers and says mommy and daddy over and over in the cutest little sad voice. It is almost impossible not to give in to her every want! Don is much better at resisting than I am. He keeps me from running into her room every five seconds. Bri has been getting up just before 5am since we ruined her precious binks. I think she is trying to punish us. :) We have been sticking her in bed with us in hopes of another hour of shut eye, but all we have gotten is a hyper little girl jumping up and down on the bed singing E-I-O and asking for snacks and cereal. We are really, really, really hoping that Bri can adjust to a binkless world sooner rather than later! It was actually sad for us to take her binkis away too. It felt like we were pushing Bri to be a little girl instead of a little baby or something. Sounds kind of dumb when I write it down that way, but I guess it's just a little sad to see her grow up so fast.

Speaking of growing up, Bri has decided she knows all about what the potty is for. The other day while I was running her bath, we couldn't find her for a minute. Don found her in the other bathroom naked and peeing on the toilet seat (lid down). She said "pee pee potty." She knew where that pee pee was supposed to go. The next day when I asked her to go throw a diaper away, she went straight to the toilet, threw the diaper in and said "poo poo" as she tried to flush it down. Apparently she knew where poo poo was supposed to go too. So the next day we bought a potty seat. She seems a little young to do the potty training thing so we're not pushing it at all, but she seems interested so we'll see.


Lewis News said...

Life without the bink SHOULD get easier- I think you have to be very rigid. We've found that Coopers crying just made us feel so bad so we would get him out of bed and try to rock him or lay by him. It only taught him to cry louder! So now we tried something new...we put Cooper in his big boy bed and he's gone to bed for 4 nights in a row without a tear!!! Instead, he had a huge grin on his face because he feels so old and cool being in his new bed. Good luck!!!

Haskins said...

Ash, that is so awesome if she is showing signs of wanting to go potty, she is probably ready. She is a smart little cookie!!

Maren said...

That picture wins the precious prize. Too cute.
Good luck with the binks and the potty. I never thought I would say/write that sentence to you... :)

The Fear Fam said...

Hi guys! How are you? We didn't know you guys had a blog, too! (Found yours via Bren & Megh's.) Well, maybe Jay knew but didn't tell me. Wouldn't be the first time. :) Anyway, adorable pics of your little one. I can't believe how fast time is flying!

We hope you guys are doing well!


Spencer, Erin and Parker Clegg said...

I love hearing about your days, what your doing with Brighton and all that stuff. I only wish I heard about it all the time, on a daily basis-like next door! :) I used to really wish parker would take a binkie (they sure would have quieted him in church at times) but now I guess I'm glad he didn't. There's always something to break them of eh? oh and by the way, I've been dropping hints to Spencer about Portland being a great place for our little family vacation this summer and last time I said something he seemed interested--cross your fingers! :)

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