Friday, January 4, 2008


Coop & Bri

Bri & Uncle Q

Fun with Tickle Me Elmo

The Farrell Fam on Christmas Morning

Helping Bren strum a tune

Lex & Brighton

Bri & Grandma

Grandpa, Brigton, & Ash

Ellie & Bri chowing down on french fries

San Diego Zoo

The beach!

Enjoying the sun, sand, ocean, & each other

The Girls

Brighton & Grandma

It was a busy, great holiday sesason for us! We started out in Utah. We got to spend a day with Quincy, Deb, & the boys (wish it could have been longer!) and then headed down to Mammoth. We stayed there for about a week and had a great time. Christmas was a blast! Brighton was more interested in opening the presents than the actual presents themselves, but is now thoroughly enjoying her new toys. She went from person to person and was a great little present opening helper. She got lots of fun toys, etc. (Not a bit spoiled) Ha! She loved Grandma and Grandpa's giant Christmas tree and loved being the center of attention all week.

After a great week in Mammoth, we headed down to San Diego to see the other side of the family. We enjoyed the 70 degree weather and had a great time with the Farrell clan. We went to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, a cool science museum, and of course, the beach! Sea World gets our vote for best tourist attraction in San Diego. We had so much fun there. Brighton had fun being chased by her cousins and we really enjoyed spending time with everyone. We are so grateful to have such a great family. We loved seeing everybody and think everyone should come visit us in Oregon! (Soon)!


Haskins said...

Such cute pictures!! I love them! I love your grey shirt! I already told you this but that is my favorite shirt ever!! Thanks again! Love your pics!

Maren said...

So so cute, Ash. It's a lot of fun to see your family too. Is Brighton just chatting away now?

Autumn and Barrett said...

Hooray! You guy have a blog! We were so sad we missed you guys - Brighton is such a doll...we really need to meet her!

Haskins said...

um, time for new pictures!! Love ya

Becky said...
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